DecaPolice, according to Stage-5, was initially created as a follow-up to the Professor Layton sequence

DecaPolice, according to Stage-5, was initially created as a follow-up to the Professor Layton seque ...

Famitsu, a Japanese gaming magazine, had the chance to meet with Stage-5's president, Akihiro Hino, on a few of the company's new video games, such as the intriguing DecaPolice; however, as the development progressed, they determined to develop a new Professor Layton sport named Professor Layton and the New World of Steam for the Nintendo Change.

Decapolice was a surprise to me when it appeared on the LEVEL-5 VISION broadcast, according to the interviewer.

Hino: The event staff has been involved in the sport for about three years. We may have obtained the trademark for it three years ago. The timing for granting a trademark to current the sport to cross-media companions coincides with the timing of presenting a proposal with a common definition of the sport.

Interviewer: I agree. So the two video games were being developed in parallel?

Hino: Decapolice has been involved more thoroughly than ever before, simply because I've been with Megaton Musashi, scrubbing and sharpening it time and again, rereading and rewriting, looking to see if I might add something new. If I'm being trustworthy, it's even within the strategy of trial and error.

Interviewer: Is this your first detective situation, right?

Hino: I feel the reason the Professor Layton sequence is so popular is because it satisfies the mental curiosity of adolescents. This was our goal as a group: to discover what Stage-5 has learned from creating role-playing games.

Interviewer: Nicely, it's a detective RPG that enthuses our curiosity, along with the Professor Layton sequence, yet it's also quite intriguing due to the fact that it's so distinctive.

Hino: The truth is, at the beginning, we intended to promote something that was like "from the employees who introduced you Professor Layton," or "The Layton sequence's replacement is right here!"

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