Tips for PS VR2 Retribution for The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

Tips for PS VR2 Retribution for The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners ...

Welcome to New Orleans' war-torn, walker-infested streets, with new threats, action-packed combat, and even more walkers. And then there's the infamous Axeman, who is determined to retaliate.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2: Retribution is released on PlayStation VR2 tomorrow, March 21.

Pack everything you need for your journey.

You'll need the correct gear every time you venture outside of base camp in The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners.

First and foremost, increase your inventory size as soon as you can. From there, you'll need to upgrade the Gear Station at base camp to Level 6, and from there you may obtain the "Deep Pockets" upgrade, which adds nine inventory slots to your backpack, as well as an extra large slot to carry two-handed weapons (such as the legendary chainsaw).

Upgraded armor will help you protect you from walkers and enemies you encounter on your missions. Explore the new catacombs near base camp and you'll find a new Heaving Plating Armor recipe to craft.

Weapons are a given, but the right food will help you recover your health and stamina when you need it most. While eating a can of beans you discovered might help you in a pinch, there is a greater danger it may harm you, and you'll need to use medications to reverse the effects of eating inferior products.

If you have to go out into the city to heal yourself when you get stuck in a bad spot, carry enough bandages and medicine. The new crafting tables at base camp have features that make healing, low stamina, and curing sickness a thing of the past.

Know your weapons.

Before you rely on it for a herd, you'll encounter a wide array of weapons. Walkers, Tower members, and other dangers lurking near every corner. It's important to take your time with any new weapon and understand its use.

For balance reasons, some of the most powerful weapons have nasty weaknesses, so you'll need to know each weapon's unique strengths. They may be excellent at range but terrifying at night.

When you are planning a sortie, noise and light are also a factor, so keep that in mind as you arm yourself for the harsh environment in post-apocalyptic New Orleans. It is also advised to always pack a spare or two.

The new Sense controllers make reloading, healing yourself, and revving up a chainsaw very precise and tactile, so make sure you are ready for that feedback and finger tracking action.

Explore the world with a telescope.

It's vital to make the most of what you can scavenge in the world, and it's important to take a break from your surroundings whenever possible.

Complete Exile trade missions for new missions, which open new possibilities for gathering and crafting essential survival gear.

Clearing walker-infested areas will help you obtain the best gear. One area in this state is Old Town – clearing this area (and others like it) will unlock Exile trade missions and night mode exploration for that area.

Nightclub your fav

Exploring at night offers a new strategy for playing in The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, which may be beneficial to your survival, as certain resources are more prominent at night. There will be fresh rules for scavenging and exploration, as well as additional encounters with even larger numbers of walkers.

Switching it to UV will reveal hidden information that will help you navigate through the darkness as well as finding items that are only available at night (such as key ingredients for one of the new crafting benches at base camp). You may also use flares to distract pedestrians and make your escape.

If you master night mode, you'll find backpacks packed with crafting gems and essentials for your crafting station.

As you continue your tour through New Orleans on PS VR 2, there are a lot of things out there to kill you. But there are also a great many strategies to keep you alive. Thanks for reading, and keep coming back.

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