Is the Netflix Movie Were We Running From Based on a True Story?

Is the Netflix Movie Were We Running From Based on a True Story? ...

'Who Were We Running From?' is a Turkish crime drama series based on the 2007 novel 'Biz Kimden Kaçyorduk Anne?' by Perihan Maden. The two women move from hotel to hotel as their temporary residence, allowing their paranoia to perceive everyone in their surroundings as a danger to their safety and freedom.

Melisa Sözen, Eylül Tumbar, Devrim Kabacaoglu, Taylor Lauren, and Buçe Buse Kahraman all contributed to making the stories of worry and paranoia seem real. Therefore, viewers must be interested to know more about the origins of 'Who Were We Running From?'.

Is Who Were We Running From a True Story?

'Who Were We Running From?' is not based on a true story. Perihan Maden's novel 'Biz Kimden Kaçyorduk Anne?' is a fictional account of a Turkish author and columnist who was harassed and accused of being a conscientious objector.

Perihan talked about a difficult time in her life during a trial that she publicly described as a "wh*re." The book has also become very depressed. It is about a mother and daughter who are fleeing something. The reader doesn't know what they are fleeing from."

"It's over mothering," Perihan said, "I try to protect my daughter from the cruel world." When I think about it, it sends shivers down my spine. At that time, I feared for my life. By mobbing your trial, they put marks on you. You become national news, and you become a national bitch."

Perihan understands the fear in her daughter's heart, and she knows what is best for her child.

The Netflix film inspired by the novel is a perfect representation of the author's feelings during 2006. She further stated that she did not specifically write a "woman's book," rather she stated, "It is about dangers in society." Therefore, the subject material of "Who Were We Running From?" has emotional appeal and cultural relevance for the audience.

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