The PC version of Dying Light 2 is available now (Update) on March 20

The PC version of Dying Light 2 is available now (Update) on March 20 ...

Dying Light 2 update 1.9.4 has been released by Techland for the 20th of March, only for PCs and consoles that will receive it at a later date. Don't expect much from this patch, as another one will be released next month that will feature many more changes.

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Patch notes are now available!

  • New event (Starts tomorrow)
  • Game is now fully compatible with Steam Deck (and is now Steam Deck Verified as well)
  • Legend Levels are now working for players who are using mods
  • Fixed several crashes

The console patch is expected to be released tomorrow, and as soon as it is available, we'll be sure to inform our readers.

The patch notes have not yet been released by Techland, but they will be available as soon as possible! However, Community Manager "Uncy" has already stated that the changes today are "significant," as there will be a bigger update in April with the "brutality changes."

Check out the announcement below, where it is stated that consoles will receive the update at a later date.

We'll update the article with the patch notes as soon as they're available, so be patient.

Official patch notes have been added (via Reddit) as a result of this update.

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