The Trailer For Redfall Indicates How Its Vampires Became

The Trailer For Redfall Indicates How Its Vampires Became ...

Arkane Austin's next cooperative FPS game Redfall has received a story trailer.

The teaser shows Redfall's medieval past before and after the vampire invasion. Yes, they're vampires, not zombies. At least they've just referred to them as vampires, rather than some other phony names.

The giants you see here aren't aliens, but human-made. A scientific experiment went wrong and took the sleepy town-and its inhabitants who now worship these monsters- with them.

Und now these vampire hunters-you and optionally three other players- will take back Redfall.

The story trailer includes a good amount of scary (but not necessarily horrifically terrifying) imagery as well as some gameplay footage.

If Redfall continues to enliven Arkane's charms, the world and incidental lore will be as enthralling for curious explorers in previous games.

Redfall's gameplay should be more like a typical open-world cooperative shooter (complete with skill trees and colour-coded loot) than it should be a "pure" immersive game. While it may be played solo, it is required to be played on a regular internet connection.

Redfall will be available on Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass on May 2nd.

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