Preview of Potion Tycoon The Hardcore Magic Shop Simulator is a hardcore magic shop simulation software

Preview of Potion Tycoon The Hardcore Magic Shop Simulator is a hardcore magic shop simulation softw ...

Have you ever considered the process of making a healing potion in a different RPG? In Potion Tycoon, a magic shop management game, this question is the foundation of the gameplay, and the player must develop an unusual business. I have already built a cozy shop, created fancy potion, set up production, and managed to go bankrupt more than once.

Showbound Games Publisher: Daedalic Entertainment Release Date (Early Access): March 13, 2023

Potion Craft is a game similar to Potion Tycoon, except that it involves a small shop in the yard. Immediately, we are offered to create a real fantasy production with boiling boilers in the dungeon, shop windows full of goods, and a constant tug of the sea.

Potion Tycoon is packed with mechanics, even too much, and you will be able to grasp them as soon as you begin the tutorial – in this mode, the game rushes through the main points and leaves one on one with an already debugged business. While you're figuring out what's going on, local publications will leave negative reviews about the shop, and employees will refuse to work without pay.

The early Potion Tycoon learning process was frightening, and it turned out to be unsuccessful, but I don't recommend putting an end to it — it's better to start over from scratch. It's funny, but it's essential that they learn the rules gradually, and not in chaos.

The gameplay has been categorized into two closely related sections, the management of the shop and the manufacture of potions, but you must first construct the store – Potion Tycoon suggests that you construct underground caves for work and recreation, and you connect them using a ladder.

My shop has become a sort of medieval castle as the picture is two-dimensional, yet in terms of creativity they let it wander — there are no paintings or flowers at all. There are skulls, coffins, and other other insignificant qualities that we liked.

Potion Tycoon's business process is identical to the real one, and if you describe it in detail, the preview will turn out to be too cumbersome. We have to equip the premises, hire goblin employees for various positions, pay salaries, expand if things go well, or, on the contrary, sell unnecessary equipment in a hurry and even take out a loan.

Employees deserve a separate paragraph. For each job you can hire several goblins. Those have particular abilities, levels, and abilities, and with advancement, you can get a universal fighter. At the same time, employees can and will be capricious – either they will dislike the layout of the premises or they will go to sleep, paralyzing production.

The employee management system has turned out to be a bit sloppy. By default, goblins perform all functions at the same time and go from one position to another, and in such a situation, they just stand idle.

The art of making potions is a fun and varied process, and you must first choose ingredients (mushrooms, plants, etc.) that have different properties, then work on packaging, price, and marketing by speaking to the appropriate department in your shop.

Various factors play a role in the pricing of the potion — it may turn out to be too bitter, unrefined, or, on the contrary, spicy. There are also other variables that should not be discussed — just know that you will have to experiment with potions constantly.

In Potion Tycoon, there is also a technology tree, which turned out to be quite extensive for early access: you must master five stages, from beginner to grand master. This is not surprising, because the variety is impressive.

When the shop is completed, the premises are fully refurbished, and the merchandise is labelled as appealing, the game begins to unfold, but not in a pleasant manner.

Potion Tycoon can be described as hardcore, as there are many competitors, and they are advancing too quickly. Each group wants its own goods, and of excellent quality, and no one will purchase goods of inferior quality.

I incurred debt, but the situation did not improve in any way, thus having to start over again for several games in a row. Even at such times, personnel management's shortcomings are annoying, since short-term downtime has an enormous impact on the business.

Potion Tycoon's balance is obviously in a state of flux, as it's a lot of work that will scare away rather than force you to restart the game again. I hope that the game will be a little more forgiving by its release, as in its present form it's difficult to enjoy the gameplay.

Potion Tycoon was a great game for its initial release — there are flaws, but they are overcome, and there are many more pluses: there are a variety of gameplay mechanics, interesting mechanics for preparing potions, and excellent cartoon graphics.

Steam version of Potion Tycoon

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