Symbiogenesis: Square Enix's first game with NFT is revealed in a teaser trailer

Symbiogenesis: Square Enix's first game with NFT is revealed in a teaser trailer ...

Square Enix has released a teaser trailer for Symbiogenesis, the company's first blockchain-based game, as well as NFT, which you can see in the player below.

As we can see, the film does not reveal the title, which in any event would appear to be set in a floating fantasy world. However, further details are available on Square Enix's official Symbiogenesis website, which is accessible at this address. The game will be accessible via browser, and there will be 10.000 NFT collectibles that will have a direct impact on gameplay dynamics.

Each digital token will be linked to a specific character in the game, displaying various races and professions. These NFTs will be sold in installments as six chapters that make up Symbiogenesis' history will be published.

Players will discover the mysteries of the world of Symbiogenesis and ultimately determine the storyline's conclusion by participating in the "World Mission," where "the ultimate decision" will be made. However only three players will be able to watch the final episode as spectators.

Users will have to collect information and objects in order to get to the end of the game, which are particularly difficult to obtain and will require collaboration between players. These are received by completing quests, which require you to click on "suspicious" areas on the floating continent map, and solving puzzles.

"Humanity escaped disaster by surviving on the floating continent, the last safe haven on Earth where life remains possible despite the pollution." The sudden attack of the Dragon put the Floating Continent in jeopardy.

“Progress through the main story and missions while also unlocking character stories.”

"There are several strategies by which players may obtain the items: tap spots on the map that appear suspicious, look for information and suggestions, or acquire the items on the secondary market."

The following characters' stories include clues for finding items. However, to obtain these items, you must own the NFT character or its NFT replica. There are occasions when it is possible to find items based on a single hint, but most cases will require players to combine multiple clues to find the answer.

“To complete the world quest and complete the final stage of the game, you must complete all quests and acquire certain items.”

According to the Symiogenesis Chapter 1 roadmap on the official website, sales of the first series of NFT figures will begin as soon as April, with the exception of a few gameplay videos. We will just need to wait for more information from Square Enix.

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