Trust GXT 981 Redex as a lightweight and discreet gaming mouse

Trust GXT 981 Redex as a lightweight and discreet gaming mouse ...

Trust is well-known for its high-quality peripherals that are economical at the same time. One of the most intriguing products to hit the markets in recent months was the Trust GXT 981 Redex.

It's a lightweight gaming mouse that's ideal for long gaming sessions. It only weighs 7 grams, so you'll be able to be at ease for a long time. Precision is another of the features of this gaming mouse, which is adjustable from 200 to 10000 DPI.

Trust GXT 981 Redex is designed to be durable for up to 80 million clicks, and it includes customizable RGB lights.

Trust claims this is a durable mouse. It has mechanical switches that are built for up to 80 million clicks. The customizable RGB lights are also ideal for gaming.

The mouse's advanced software allows you to modify everything to your liking. You may reprogram buttons, create macros, or modify PPP (Mouse Sensitivity) to suit your play style.

This mouse mouse version is equipped with a 180 cm cable, so you may maneuver it with the greatest precision and without any issues. At the end you have a USB-A connector to connect to your Windows computer, which also acts as a power supply.

The Trust GXT 981 Redex was launched with a suggested retail price of €29.99. It is a product that can be returned for up to 30 days after purchase.

The Trust GXT 981 Redex's pricing and shipping information may be found here.

The GXT 980 Redex is still available on Amazon Spain for €28.45. This wireless version of this gaming mouse runs on a rechargeable battery, which allows you to play for up to 50 hours per day and low latency connection.

The Trust GXT 980 Redex is priced and shipped at a reasonable cost.

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