There Are Eight Films You Must See That Are Like Kick-Ass

There Are Eight Films You Must See That Are Like Kick-Ass ...

'Kick-Ass' is a black comedy superhero film directed by Matthew Vaughn. It is based on a story about a typical teenager who becomes a real-life vigilante, i.e., a criminal.

'Kick-Ass' is a cinematic piece that explores themes of vigilantism, justice, angst, satire, and friendship. If you liked a film that touched upon multiple themes without losing its charm, you'll likely want to see another that shares the same sense of humor. On Netflix, Prime Video, and Hulu, you can watch most of these movies similar to 'Kick-Ass.'

Paper Man (2009)

'Paper Man,' a coming-of-middle-age comedy film, features two people: Richard Dunne, a disgraced author, and a teenage girl from Long Island. They have one thing in common, namely, their imaginary superhero friend. No better than what we see in 'Kick-Ass,' where Dave becomes a vigilante.

(2018): Bhavesh Joshi Superhero

'Bhavesh Joshi Superhero' is a Hindi action drama film directed and co-written by Vikramaditya Motwane. The action and the message are equally as powerful, if not more.

Defendant (2009)

Arthur Poppington is a common guy who takes on the role of 'Defendor,' a superhero who only has one strength: courage. He searches for his nemesis, Captain Industry, on the streets at night, and protects innocent people while doing so. He also has a dark past, where his mother died of a drug overdose. His costume is almost as cartoonish as 'Defendor.'

Mystery Men (1999)

'Mystery Men,' a Kinka Usher directorial comedy, centers on a team of amateur superheroes who suddenly find themselves at the forefront of a catastrophe. The superheroes begin his journey when Captain Amazing's attempt to make a lot of money fails, and he is captured. Now, the seven half-baked wannabe superheroes must save the day with their uncanny abilities.

Griff The Invisible (2010)

'Griff The Invisible' is a superhero comedy-dramatic film that centers on Griff, an office worker who is often chastised and bullied by others, but he's not an ordinary person. He meets Melody, a woman who shares a love for extraordinary things.

(2006) Special

'Special' is a comedy sci-fi film directed by Hal Haberman and Jeremy Passmore. Les Franken is a solitary individual until he joins a study that investigates the effects of antidepressants. He convinces Les that he must step down as a meter maid and become a superhero. He then goes around telling people about his newfound abilities and gets you laughing.

2.Hero at Large (1980)

'Hero At Large' is a fictional superhero film about a struggling actor in New York City who loses his job and discovers himself in a comic book hero role. He repeats the incident a few times until he becomes a pawn in elections, where politicians exploit his fame for success.

Super (2010)

'Super' is a mass entertainer film directed and written by James Gunn, who plays Frank Darbo, a short-order cook who makes himself a superhero and claims his identity as the Crimson Bolt. James tries to persuade his wife's abduction by posing a fake report of her being kidnapped.

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