Recap and Explaining of The Angel Next Door's Me Rotten Episode 11

Recap and Explaining of The Angel Next Door's Me Rotten Episode 11 ...

The tenth episode of 'The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten' titled 'The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten,' Amane appears as Mahiru's favorite character. Later, Mahiru asks Amane to lie his head on her lap while she cleans his ears. Amane is ecstatic when he accidentally overhears something.

Recap of Episode 11 of The Angel Next Door

Amane and Mahiru have been waiting for the grade rankings to be released for several days. Mahiru has promised her neighbor that she would do whatever she asks her to do. The duo is relieved when Amane receives rank six. The next evening, Amane opens up about his desire to help Mahiru since she has also passed the exams.

Mahiru takes Amane's throat off of his pocket, then gently cleans his ears, regaling him with more affection and love. But after she's finished, Mahiru falls asleep on the couch. He takes the keys from her pocket and takes her to her apartment. She suddenly opens her eyes.

Amane requests him to lie next to her. Naturally, he does not think that it is a good idea and leaves her with her stuffed toys so she can sleep. The following morning when she meets Amane, she apologizes and says that she does not think of him in this way.

Why Does Amane Get Mad At His Classmates?The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten Episode 11 Ending: Why Does Amane Get Mad At His Classmates?

Kadowaki invites Amane to come over to see the film she has planned to see. Mahiru is also asked by the teachers to staple the sports sheet after school.

Mahiru notices that Amane is upset and asks him if he was so irritated by the kinds of remarks that these girls made. Interestingly, Mahiru does not get bothered at all and sees things from a different perspective.

Mahiru elaborates on how she has recently become depressed about such a lifestyle and started making significant changes. In fact, she is no longer planning to stress too much to be liked by others, something that Amane also appreciates.

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