The PlayStation 5 Standard and Digital Editions are available at Amazon, GameStop, and MediaWorld. How and where to obtain them

The PlayStation 5 Standard and Digital Editions are available at Amazon, GameStop, and MediaWorld. H ...

The days of nowhere to find PS5s are passed. Unless temporary stocks last, it is much easier to find the console online at list price and without a bundle. There are three main shops where you can buy PlayStation 5 Standard or Digital Edition at list price, and they are Amazon, GameStop, and MediaWorld.

All three stores offer a variety of'smooth' consoles, ie without an attached game, or with an official bundle that includes God of War Ragnarok. All are strictly for sale, with no other additional charges.

PlayStation VR2 headsets are also available on its own or as part of Horizon Call of the Mountain.

However, let's go in order and see if there are any consoles available at various stores.

The most readily available PS5 Standard'smooth' on Amazon is 549.99 euros, and it's available almost every day, while stocks last. However, the PS5 Digital Edition is often bundled with God of War Ragnarok.

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The PlayStation 5 Standard and Digital Edition is now available at GameStop, while two other options are temporarily out of stock.

In recent weeks, the availability of PlayStation 5 has been quite evident on the MediaWorld website. In this case both the Standard version and the Digital Edition are available, even without a bundle!

PlayStation VR2 is now available.

The PlayStation VR2 viewer for PlayStation 5 games is now available, with GameStop the most prominent among the three stores. However, on Amazon, direct sales are not available but only on invitation. You will therefore have to apply and be drawn by lot.

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