Sex scenes will not be included in Starfield

Sex scenes will not be included in Starfield ...

To the delight of some and to the annoyance of others, in Starfield it will not be done sex, although theoretically in space nobody would hear us scream, to quote the good Alien.

The absence of sex in Starfield has been identified as the focus of the Australian classification of the game, and it is certainly the element that is causing the most discussion, much more than the use of drugs, which has been indicated as high. After all, we are quite used to individuals who enhance themselves by taking drugs.

The impact of the presence of sex will be minimal, according to the table published by the Australian classification organization. Despite the fact that something will still be there, there will be little harm to the environment. So much drivability, but no physical love.

According to the Australian classification society, Starfield's table of contents is presented below.

Although many believed that the trend would change with the new titles, to enhance their realism also from this standpoint, Bethesda has always been very modest in its games.

And who are you? What do you think of the lack of sexual activity in Starfield?

Remember, as you reflect, that on June 11, 2023, Starfield will be presented once again with a dedicated event, while on September 6, 2023, we will finally be able to play it.

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