A new marking system that is in line with the GDPR

A new marking system that is in line with the GDPR ...

For the first time, Grupo SPEC has developed a new fingerprint marking system, which is compatible with the European Data Protection Regulation (RGPD) and which is never stored or transmitted to any external device or database.

The new card and marking system, mifare desfire, combines identification by card and fingerprint to validate the marking. This enables the use of biometric data to comply with the GDPR, which is attained when the idSense terminal is connected to the card.

'We receive many requests from our customers about biometric data, such as where it is stored or how it is transported during the rolling and marking process. It depends on the interpretation that each one made about the GDPR, you may think that you complied or not with the regulations. So we decided to develop the fingerprint card system so that we might be certain that the owner of the biometric data is the only one who guards their data,' says Carlos Mochon, the CEO of Grupo SPEC.

Before confirming the marking, the information on the card is compared with the user's fingerprint. the terminal itself It will carry out the verification and, if it is correct, it will send the record to the software. In no case, the data remains permanent.

Biometric data is considered to be sensitive information, but the Spanish Agency for the Protection of Personal Data states that it will only be considered a special category of data when it is subjected to technical treatment aimed at biometric identification and not in the case of biometric verification. The Mifare Desfire card measures the data that the employee submits to the terminal and the fingerprint that is later signed.

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