Murder by Kou Yang: Where is Karina Now?

Murder by Kou Yang: Where is Karina Now? ...

'Evil Lives Here: The Hole in the Backyard' of Investigation Discovery chronicles the brutal death of 50-year-old Kou Yang in Saint Paul, Minnesota, in July 2021. The police discovered his body a month later underneath his own house. Multiple witnesses had informed the cops who the killer might be. Let's find out.

What Was The Cause of Kou Yang's Death?

Kou Yang, 50, was reported missing by an unknown caller to 911 on July 22, 2021. His former wife, Karina See Her, 40, also reported the same information to authorities the same day.

According to media reports, Kou was driving a white 2014 GMC Savanna cargo van with MN plate GMS420 at the time of his disappearance. A cadaver dog was brought to his residence a week later, on July 29.

The state Bureau of Criminal Apprehension dug beneath the shed and discovered a body wrapped in "some sort of material." An autopsy revealed two bullet wounds in the back of Kou's head, as well as blood throughout the house and the laundry room. The coroner also determined that Kou had been murdered on June 1 or 2 that year.

Kou Yang was killed by whom?

Karina S. Her, 40, has been charged in Ramsey County District Court with second-degree intentional murder in connection with the death of 50-year-old Kou Yang, the victim in one of St. Paul's 16 murders of the year. On July 22, a caller to 911 requested a welfare check regarding Yang, considering that he had not been seen since July 1.

Yang was called back to 911 by his 17-year-old stepdaughter, who suspected her mother had killed him. Karina and the younger girl returned to the car without it, according to the 17-year-old.

Kou claims she found Yang gone in the middle of the night after her 12-year-old daughter called the cops, saying he'd left home "many times in the past," and she'd get mad if she tried to look for him.

Karina See Her "denied she had an argument with (Yang) the night he went missing."

Karina said she saw a lot of pigeon poop from a coop she owned on July 5, 2021, according to the press. Police discovered blood on the painted wall of the bedroom and blood was also discovered in a carpet-cleaning vacuum in the garage.

What Happened to Karina's Status?

Karina See Her was apprehended on Saturday for murder with intent, not-premeditated, according to the Ramsey County Sheriff's Office's jail roster. She is expected to appear in court on Tuesday, according to the Ramsey County Sheriff's Office's jail roster. Yang was shot in the head and buried his body in their house in St. Paul.

Yang's daughter Pasha Yang delivered an emotional speech at the sentencing hearing, saying, "No human being deserves such a horrible death."

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