You Must See These 8 Shows Like Class of 07

You Must See These 8 Shows Like Class of 07 ...

'Class of '07,' a new Australian comedy series created by Kacie Anning, reimagines their lives at the Ridge Heights Catholic Ladies College's ten-year reunion, which is ruined by a tsunami, and ruins everything on their own. They must now live together, despite their differences, as the interconnected decade-old drama between the ladies resurfaces.

Reunion of the High Schools (2003-2010)

The High School Reunion is a reality television series that follows real-life high school reunions after ten years. The series is a fun and funny series that has everything that makes it a binge-worthy series. In the 2008 revived version of the show, students from J. J. Pearce High School in Chandler, Arizona, and the Class of 1989 of Chaparral High School in Las Vegas, Nevada, explored the nostalgia lane, revealing age-old conflicts while even resolving some.

'Class of '07' is rotted in fiction, while 'High School Reunion' is a docu-series. Both shows have the same theme: a high school reunion, comedy, drama, and going down memory lane where secrets are revealed.

The Reunion (2022-)

'The Reunion' is a French mystery thriller series that chronicles three former high school best friends who lost touch but are reunited. One thing that kept them from falling in is their shared horrifying connection to the disappearance of a prominent student 25 years ago in the region.

Despite the fact that 'The Reunion' and 'Class of '07' are quite different based on the genre, the storytelling, and the characterisation of the leads, they are quite similar at their core. Secrets are revealed by the two completely different groups who pledged to kill everything.

Friends From College (2017-2019)

'Friends from College' is an original Netflix comedy series involving six individuals who have been friends since they were students at Harvard University. They all have long-lost pals from college who reconcile after years and talk about their experiences while they were in college.

5.Pretty Little Liars (2010-2017)

'Pretty Little Liars' is a mystery teen drama television series based on Sara Shepard's novel series of the same name. The series follows four ex-best friends Aria Montgomery, Emily Fields, Hanna Marin, and Spencer Hastings, who reunited a year after their clique leader, Alison DiLaurentis, disappeared. Soon after, they begin receiving threatening messages from an unknown person who goes by "A" and is aware of their mistakes, lies

Gossip Girls (2007-2012)

'Gossip Girl' is a teen drama series about wealthy young adults, including Serena Van der Woodsen, her frenemy Blair Waldorf, and their many romantic interest. The series is narrated by the titular blogger (voice of Kristen Bell), who knows the characters' dirty secrets.

Yellowjackets (2021-)

'Yellowjackets' on Showtime is a survival thriller that follows a group of talented high school soccer players who get trapped in the wild after their plane crash. A more nuanced account follows the girls as they deconstruct what happened 25 years ago, and how it has affected their adult lives. Both shows depict adult friendships while also reflecting on their high school years.

2.Afterparty (2022-)

'The Afterparty' is a fun crime comedy series that consists of a number of sub-genres in each episode. Then, things go sideways when a famous classmate dies, and they all become murder suspects. On the other hand, 'Afterparty' deals with a mysterious death, while 'Class of '07' is set amid an apocalyptic flood.

The Society of American Societies (2019)

'The Society' is a mystery drama series directed by Christopher Keyser. They return to their town after a vacation to discover that all of the adults in the town have disappeared, and that they cannot escape the city due to a lack of resources. The characters in both shows are adults who reminisce their high school days in order to keep their differences.

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