Samsung has issued a statement revealing the recent Samsung smartphone's space-extension capabilities

Samsung has issued a statement revealing the recent Samsung smartphone's space-extension capabilitie ...

The 2020 Galaxy S20 Ultra is well-known for its Space Zoom capability, which allows for a maximum of x100 magnification. With this feature, one might make a fairly accurate representation of the Moon, for example.

ibreakphotos, a Reddit user, discovered Samsung's "space zoom" – it turned out that the pictures of the Moon were just a marketing tactic, but in reality they are drawn by a neural network. After that, he displayed a blurry picture on the phone, which gave out a lovely image.

The post did not go unnoticed, and prompted journalists to contact Samsung itself for comment. The Galaxy S23 Ultra does not utilize fancy features, and the result is not a texture overlay, according to the manufacturer.

Samsung has decided to publish a new post, in which it explains how the feature works with artificial intelligence. A similar article was published last year on the owner of the Galaxy brand's Korean website.

Combining more than 10 photographs taken at a magnification of at least 25 times produces a high-quality moon picture. Such an image then must be denoised and enhanced in detail in order to maintain, among other things, sufficient brightness. The Moon itself as the main object is recognized thanks to artificial intelligence.

Samsung's claim that the feature isn't robust in all conditions, such as if the moon is obscured by clouds. Its performance is also influenced by the lighting conditions in which the picture is taken, since in the early evening the smartphone must darken the background of the subject in order to make the moon more visible.

Nonetheless, while you may be impressed with the unusual features of our devices, it is important to keep in mind that in reality, they may not be as perfect as they appear.

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