No Man's Sky VR is a virtual reality journey into the unexplored world

No Man's Sky VR is a virtual reality journey into the unexplored world ...

Hello Games is well aware that it did not hesitate to reach VR platforms with the Beyond Update, which allowed it to reach new hardware without compromising on performance. With the new Fractal Update, the issue appears to be almost resolved, net of concern about graphic fidelity.

Gran Turismo 7 is being tested on PSVR 2 for a VR enhancement that allows for full playback of the original title, without sacrificing any content. Once the viewer is on, you may start a new game or continue a previous one by loading one of your previous saves.

Playing in virtual reality requires you to learn to play a completely different control system for the given situation. This is where the most obvious qualitative leap is noticed, a true generational leap for those coming from PSVR 1.

The haptic feedback of the controllers and the helmet give us an impression of all of the environmental conditions of each planet, as well as the disturbing vibrations of the ground when a giant worm passes by.

The ability to manipulate the shield and weapon in any direction, which is impossible to do with a traditional control system, is used to extract the multi-tool pistol.

The first flight in No Man's Sky will be remembered with excitement, as if one were to be thrust toward cosmic infinity, and that's where you'll find yourself reliving it completely and with greater participation. In the procedural adventure, the greater detail is revealed, as well as a better viewing angle.

The menus and inventory, on the other hand, are called up in the shape of holograms projected at the wrist height, and are simple enough to consult at any time. We particularly appreciated the creative mode and the base building phase, where eye tracking was cleverly used to highlight the various construction units at a glance.

Playing No Man's Sky in VR is equally as comfortable and motion-safe, whether you want to do it sitting or standing, using fluid rotation or jerky rotation.

No Man's Sky's real weakness, at least at this point, is in a graphic sector that gives rise to concerns.

Hello Games claims to have improved texture quality, terrain tessellation, planet rendering, and draw distance. Unfortunately, the developer has not struck the right balance between asset quality and resolution, leaving one with a bluish-eyed perception of the surroundings, and the regret of not being able to fully enjoy the breathtaking sense of cosmic scale that one experiences while exploring the worlds.

In an open and variable game like No Man's Sky, we understand how difficult it can be to manage computing resources, and we are confident that future updates will improve the situation (as has already occurred in the PSVR 1 version).

Whatever the outcome, you'll be enchanted by the galactic journey and completely absorbed in the experience. Immerse yourself in landscapes dominated by gas giants, lift your head to see a meteor shower's path, or admire a strange plant inside a cave's fluorescent light: everything acquires an unmatchable evocative power in virtual reality. Something that is often difficult to explain in words, or which will make it difficult to return to playing with the same eyes as before.

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