How to Get Rid of Your Android TV Connection? A 4k TV tutorial will help you get back on track

How to Get Rid of Your Android TV Connection? A 4k TV tutorial will help you get back on track ...

How to Disconnect Your Android TV Connection With This 4K TV Tutorial?

Published on 03/19/2023 at 09:05

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In France, almost all televisions are 4K TVs, and these are all SmartTVs, or connected TVs, in the language of Molière. Do you know that televisions equipped with the Android TV operating system often have a limited internet connection? Here's how to overcome this problem.

A connected television is powered by a computer or a smartphone, and due to Google's overpowering, a lot of 4K TVs operate under the company's operating system, called Android TV (it can be found at Philips, Sony, and TCL in particular).

It's a powerful operating system. And, perhaps, Google's OS is the finest on the market! Just about every app you need is a tap away.

On many models, these advantages come with a drawback: the network card, which slows internet speed in the context of a wired connection.

It is common to believe that connecting to an RJ-45 Ethernet cable will give you faster and more stable throughput than connecting to a Wi-Fi connection in the majority of cases. However, this assertion is not verified in 100% of cases.

It is important to clarify what we are talking about: some high-end TVs are entitled to a better network card, but not all Android televisions are created equal. If you have an Android TV that isn't old or paid for between €300 and €600, you can have the finest speeds on the market, but your speed is very likely to suffer.

If you want to be sure that your model is not affected by this wire rate limitation issue, please download the SpeedTest application. For people who do not want to download a new app, be aware that it is also possible to test your speed directly in the Netflix app.

Select "Get assistance" from the menu on the left of the screen. Click on "Network check".

The final outcome will be the same, whether you choose to go through Netflix or a program specifically geared to testing your connection. You will see for yourself how different your Wi-Fi and Ethernet speeds are.

The second approach to this problem is to avoid having to pay an Ethernet cable... favor the wireless connection! If your subscription and your location allow for excellent Wi-Fi connections on the market, you will probably have greater speed without having to pay an additional cable.

The other option is to use an adapter. On your connected TV, there are certainly USB-A ports available. On Amazon, a small USB to Ethernet dongle for less than €20 might very well substitute for your limited connectivity.

Unless you have to unblock your television, you will need to find a minimum of 15 or 20 Mbps, or even a 4K Blu-ray player. If your TV is restricted to Amazon Prime, Disney+, Twitch, or Netflix 4K, you will certainly not need to unblock your television.

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