Season 1 Episode 9 of Shrinking is on the way, with a recap and review

Season 1 Episode 9 of Shrinking is on the way, with a recap and review ...

Moving Forward

Jimmy takes a client to scatter his mother's ashes in his own grieving story of Tia's birthday.

Jimmy takes out a scrapbook Tia kept of their childhood together. He and Alice reminisce about their musical "listening parties" with Tia.

Jimmy is reinstated as Brian's wedding officiant, and he tries hard not to regret that decision when Jimmy cry through the practice run of his opening remarks. And as Jimmy cannot anymore serve as best man, Brian must request his father to step up. He refuses.

Paul is preparing to receive a career achievement award in Las Vegas, but he believes he does not deserve to be honored. Jimmy agrees and urges him to invite Meg and her family to the ceremony. When he does, it only irritates Meg that he's putting work first again by dedicating time to his son's play.

Gaby discovers that Nico has been sleeping with Julie Baram, his doctor, over lunch. And when Nico insists he's doing better and tries to rekindle their friendship, she almost falls for him again. Yet in attempting to rekindle Nico's charm, Gaby finds herself back in Jimmy's position.

Sean's father hires his son to do accounting. He loathes it, prompting Alice to assist him in bringing his catering dreams to fruition. They invite Liz to invest in his business.

Jimmy decides it is his turn to give Paul some hard advice. Just because Meg refused to help him doesn't mean he shouldn't continue to put himself out there. If Meg won't go to Vegas, he should instead ask Julie.

Paul asks Julie to stay with him for the weekend at the last possible moment. They attend his grandson's play and make Meg extremely happy.

Alice and Jimmy return their listening parties at the end of the episode. It's a lovely moment of connection until Alice realizes she forgot her mother's birthday. She shortens the listening party because she's so ill about herself.

This is the final episode of Shrinking's first season, and I agree that there is way too much going on. But that leads to rushed and unsatisfactory conclusions here for arcs that should have been more important.

Jimmy is now able to serve as his officiant (What was the purpose of that initial argument anyway?). Gaby is reconciling with Nico. Jimmy and Alice are finally connected. It's so much, so quick, that none of these developments ever had a chance to dwell.

The ever-present yet ever-changing nature of grief is still a major part of Jimmy's and Alice's relationship. It bolsters the drama series' shallower moments and keeps the show from getting over itself.

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