HBO's The Last of Us: Is the series as good as the video game? Our opinion on the first season!

HBO's The Last of Us: Is the series as good as the video game? Our opinion on the first season! ...

Game news The Last of Us HBO: Is the series as good as the video game? Our take on the first season!

Published on 03/19/2023 at 08:20

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The Last of Us, a television series that has been waiting for months, has already begun its first season. Did Ellie and Joel's adventures on the small screen match Naughty Dog's cult video game? Please read our thoughts on the HBO show.

The first season of the The Last of Us series is already over... HBO released the ninth | last episode of the television series (on Amazon Prime in France) – which left us with a mixed impression! The Last of Us, as a cult title, is a game that players know by heart.

A fantastic start.

The Last of Us series demonstrates from the start that it wants to see "further" than the basic game, while also utilizing the small screen language... Often, Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann will include flashbacks and several points of view in their first and second episodes, or dedicate an entire section to a particular character (Frank and Bill, chapter 3).

With the introduction of the title of Naughty Dog, these additions underscore the show's complementary nature, revealing the FEDRA (local army) and the Fireflies, as well as providing depth to certain characters, such as Kathleen (episode 4 | 5) or David (episode 8).

A complex relationship.

The Last of Us is a great series, with a solid cast, superb sets, and fantastic writing. However, the show suffers from a major flaw: its de facto resemblance to the video game, which limits the scope of several scenes (Sarah, Tess, Riley, Sam, Henry). As a fan, we knew what The Last of Us was "supposed" to do.

The sequences that impacted us the most are those that add weight to this post-apo world, like Bill and Frank's incredible episode 3 that explicitly explains Joel's misfortune; a conversation between Sam and Ellie where the heroine expresses her willingness to utilize her immunity in ways that are practical.

Despite everything, success is achieved.

Despite a brief time in front of the camera, HBO manages to create a real connection between Jol and Ellie, who are played by Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey... It's simple, the two actors are created for the role, and form a duo that's equally as striking as the original software! It's a shame the ending of their adventure is rushed, leaving players with a striking blank slate.

What is The Last of Us series' value in the end? HBO has done a fantastic job of satisfying new fans and enthusiasts of the original game. Even if the program misses a few opportunities to go beyond the basics (the biology of the virus, the link that unites them) and is difficult to spit in the soup, it's a great adaptation.

Find out more about The Last of Us's universe in this video.

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