Why can Columbine be a fairy in Genshin Impact?

Why can Columbine be a fairy in Genshin Impact? ...

The gaming community began to research and investigate the characters shown in the teaser for Harbingers of Fatui, while not overlooking Colombina, who attracted attention for her beauty and hidden powers. However, there is still limited information about the Third Harbinger, which does not prevent Genshin Impact enthusiasts from developing theories about her origin and potential connection with the fairies.

Next, we will examine why Colombina may be a fairy in Genshin Impact, and on what this fan assumption is based.

In Genshin Impact, Columbine appears to be a fairy.

One of the main theories associated with Colombina is that an extraordinary girl may be a fairy – a representative of the tiny blue creatures that Teyvat is full of. However, upon closer examination, many similar features begin to emerge, both in appearance and behavior.

Let's look at what the fairies are like in Genshin Impact: Legends of mysterious wandering lights, once a beautiful and wise race that taught mankind

The magical people lived and prospered for so long, becoming only ghosts of themselves after the events of the Heavenly Thrones.

Celestia was accused of sin because of their connection with a traveler from another world, and they were punished and condemned to primitive flying creatures until the end of time to teach those who seek the reward.

Do not forget about the Drunkard's Book, from which one lovely girl rescued a lone wolf with her singing.

This passage reveals that the strange stranger belongs to the same genus as the seraphim, and may be the only one who was not affected by degradation.

Columbine is often forgotten in the lore, which means you must be content with the tiny bits of information that the designers provide. She is known to be the third strongest of the eleven Harbingers of Fatui, and she also holds the title "Soubrette," which also translates to commedia dell'arte.

She sings a melody over the coffin of Signora first with her voice, and only thereafter externally, with a calm and unruffled appearance. She has light ribbons covering her eyes, and these feathers resemble the seraphim angels, and similar ones can be easily seen in flying insects' "houses" as they explore the world.

Themis, which is depicted with closed eyes as a representation of impartiality, may also be a part of the Harbinger's desire to keep them closed.

Soubretka sings a mournful song the way the girl from the work did it "History of the Drunkard." Despite the occasion for which the Fatui are assembled, Third maintains a calm and smiling expression, which is unusual for a funeral.

Tartaglia and the Wanderer advise the Traveler to avoid Columbine because of their adorable behaviour.

The first three Harbingers, according to Nahida, are those who have no power and are therefore comparable to the divine.

Wasp - Colombina?

The last remaining one, possibly a seraphim and one of the many others, may not be degraded when you remember the four Primordial Deities.

Phanet, who lived for many millennia in the disguise of a girl, appeared at the present time under the name of Colombina, aiming to disrupt the divine order. It's possible that she might thus plot revenge against Celestia for the injustice she had done to her people.

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