Warning about this sniper bug that may wreck the game in Warzone 2!

Warning about this sniper bug that may wreck the game in Warzone 2! ...

This sniper bug can ruin your game, according to a news Warzone 2 tip.

Published on 03/19/2023 at 07:10

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Players who love sniper rifles have been somewhat dissatisfied with the current state of Warzone 2. A bug appears to be spreading for a few hours, which will make life much more difficult for snipers in the game!

A problem that puts your game in jeopardy!

The use of sniper rifles in Warzone 2 and more generally on the Call of Duty license is a sensitive topic. Some will argue that you must be a solid player with a good aim to be able to kill opponents in one hit.

Some will dispute them, implying that the game requires a meta in which players will tend to camp a position. Despite this, sniper rifles have been struggling to establish themselves in the game's meta, and those who continue to play them suffer from a rather annoying issue.

If you shoot your sniper, the game may crash for no reason. This issue does not appear to be that uncommon on consoles or PCs, as well as on Reddit!

There is no update for this issue.

The main issue with Call of Duty Warzone 2 is that we don't know exactly what's causing the crash. Players simply play and keep their fingers crossed with every shot they make.

This issue is therefore still active for the time being, and the bad news is that we will not be able to offer advice on how to avoid it, if not to use a sniper rifle. However, when Season 2 Reloaded arrives, things could be even more critical.

Infinity Ward should be given, not only a new sniper rifle, but also a new game mode dedicated to them at that time. It is therefore vital that the issue be resolved as soon as possible on the part of the customer.

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