Micron's $100 billion facility will need 9,000 employees, but their availability will be difficult

Micron's $100 billion facility will need 9,000 employees, but their availability will be difficult ...

Micron Technology intends to invest $100 billion on a manufacturing facility in Syracuse (USA, New York). Construction will begin in 2024, and production will begin in the second half of the decade, according to the Wall Street Journal, although there may be significant difficulties in recruiting people there.

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This region is considered not the most prosperous for doing business in the past two decades, and its working-age population has decreased, so the region is considered not to be the most prosperous: at least two other semiconductor manufacturers planned to build their facilities here, but they changed their minds after becoming acquainted with the area. Universities are looking at changing their curriculum, aiming them to increase the number of new engineers. And there are only two or three years to correct the situation.

The United States was faced with a catastrophic shortage of chips during the epidemic, but was unable to do anything about it. Manufacturers moved to places where there were inexpensive labor and financial incentives from countries that wanted to build a semiconductor industry at home. Now the US has to utilize administrative resources, adopt the Chip Law, and allocate tens of billions of dollars to its implementation. Micron will receive some of the money it wants to give away at the end of the month, plus another $ 5.5 billion promised to the state of New York

Micron's new office is shown in a computer simulation.

Micron has pledged $10 million to strengthen its math, science, technology, and engineering curriculum, and is actively working with colleges and universities. Students must be competent to work in the enterprise.

Syracuse University has already set its sights on increasing the number of undergraduate and graduate engineering programs by 50% over the next three to five years. There is even a $10 million proposal to construct a "clean room" in a real semiconductor manufacturing facility in the summer holidays, according to union representatives.

Micron will reduce employees by 15%, boost capital expenditures, and decrease managers' salaries, according to the company's vice president Scott Gatzemeier. TSMC and Intel refused to build their businesses in the area, and Micron had already met with the district administration and the local university's leadership.

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