5 Things About the CBS LA Weather Anchor Who Passed Out On Air | Alissa Carlson

5 Things About the CBS LA Weather Anchor Who Passed Out On Air | Alissa Carlson ...

  • Alissa Carlson is a Los Angeles-based meteorologist
  • She recently began an intense weight loss journey as a health coach
  • The anchor passed out during a live broadcast

Alissa Carlson became unconscious during a live broadcast for CBS Los Angeles' KCAL, which went viral on March 18, as followers waited to hear about her condition. On March 18, the CBS Los Angeles Vice President and News Director Mike Dello Stritto issued a statement saying she was being treated at a local hospital.

What occurred on the air?

Nichelle Medina and Rachel Kim discussed the stormy weather in Los Angeles and hoped for some sunshine. However, Alissa was caught on video as her eyes turned back, she fell onto the floor, and Nichelle and Rachel were stunned and confused as the feed faded into a March Madness promo.

Alissa's health is being updated.

Alissa posted the first comment on her condition on her Facebook, which was positive. She wrote in extra-large font, "Thanks for all the texts, calls, and well wishes. I'll be fine."

Stritto issued a statement to TMZ shortly after the Facebook message. "I want to thank all of our co-workers for immediately intervening to comfort Alissa and call 911. Alissa is in the hospital right now."

Alissa went through a similar situation nine years ago.

Alissa was diagnosed with a leaky heart valve while doing another live broadcast for a different news station in 2014, according to TMZ.

Alissa admitted that she was surprised to be diagnosed with the condition at an early age, and she is extremely healthy, according to an interview conducted four years later. "They didn't know when the valve would wear out."

The Saturday incident was largely unknown if the problem was heart problems.

She is a health coach as well.

According to Alissa's Instagram, she also works as a health coach. "I transform lives," she wrote in a New Year's post with a photo of her clients. "Here are just a few of my clients who have decided to get healthy and lose weight in 2022!"

'Someone asked me for my transformation pictures the other day and I honestly didn't want to show them,' she wrote alongside the incredible before and after pictures. 'It's not that I had a lot of weight to lose before I started this health program,' she said. "It's more of the memories of not being well-prepared, to not having energy, to feeling self-conscious in my clothes."

Alissa is a devoted cheerleader mother.

Alissa describes her happy life on social media as "Meet my handsome hubby and Shoe Guy Neil Schwartz!" In another sweet post, Alissa praised their daughter's amazing cheerleading abilities.

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