In Sons Of The Forest, how do I secure a gate from the natives?

In Sons Of The Forest, how do I secure a gate from the natives? ...

Sons of the Forest's entrance is a necessary structure that will make using the defensive wall more convenient. The lodging for the night will be protected from the natives by a fence, and the companions Kelvin and Virginia will be able to pass through the wooden gate without any issues.

How to Make a Gate in the Fence in Sons Of The Forest, Close the Path to Natives, and Open it to Companions is explained in this video.

In Sons Of The Forest, how do I construct a gate?

When you bring a log to the next one, first construct a protective wall. 5 logs vertically. They should be installed smooth, as this will help you. The dotted line emerges from the circle when you bring the log to the next one.

Next, pick up the sixth log and aim towards the wall – the game will provide two options for strengthening diagonally, which can be changed by clicking the right mouse button. The lower part of the installed log is adjacent to the "loops", on which it will depend on whether or not the future gates will open. They always open "from themselves," while the final log is fixed on the inside of the fence.

After you strengthen the structure diagonally, you may make a palisade. Point the ax at the top of the fence, and a red dotted line will appear in the shape of a triangle. This completes the construction of the gate.

The last stage is optional – a palisade-like gate looks more spectacular, but works perfectly without it.

How do I keep the gate from the natives?

The natives have yet to use a padlock to close the gate, thus they will not open them. They climb over, ram, or break the gates using batons.

Installing a small palisade around the perimeter of the building will reduce injury to limbs and even life. The only disadvantage of the structure is that it will need to be repaired periodically.

Pick up a stick and place it vertically anywhere in front of the fence, then place the sticks next to each other and in several rows.

Pick up the stones and attach them to sticks. This will ensure that the structure will not be damaged after the first collision with the natives.

Next, arm yourself with an ax and aim it at a stick – a dotted arrow should appear indicating the direction of the palisade. Bend the stick 45 degrees and carve a spear out of it.

Repeat the steps many times to make the project stand out and stand out. With a couple of spears in the ground, you will not be able to escape from the natives.

How do Kelvin and Virginia's gates be opened?

Kelvin and Virginia are currently unable to operate the gate. If the gates are closed, or there is a solid fence around the base, the companions will not be able to enter and will have every danger of getting stuck, running away, or even dying from attacking enemies.

The natives will also pass. Make a small hole in the fence, and put a small palisade on the top. Then the companions will jump over the fence and get inside, but the natives will crash into the spears and die.

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