The Crucial T700 PCIe Gen5 SSD has a read speed of 12.4 GB/s

The Crucial T700 PCIe Gen5 SSD has a read speed of 12.4 GB/s ...

The Crucial T700 SSD with PCIe 5.0 interface is being designed for the release, which is capable of demonstrating the new features of the standard – the read speed has reached 12.4 GB / s.

LinusTech is on, according to the source.

The first desktop platform with PCIe 5.0 support has launched less than a year ago, but finding a drive that can unlock its potential is challenging.

Fans of advanced solutions will have to rely on SSDs for the time being due to a lack of video cards that support PCIe 5.0, with the exception of Chinese MTTs. One of them in the foreseeable future promises to be the Crucial T700 model, which will be equipped with a Phison E26 controller and a radiator – fortunately, the manufacturer decided to avoid active cooling.

Linus Tech Tips The creator of the YouTube channel Linus Gabriel Sebastian confirmed that he had the opportunity to test the Crucial T700, which scored a decent score in the CrystalDiskMark program: the sequential read speed was 12,422 MB / s, and the write speed was 11,858 MB / s. Unfortunately, he did not specify which motherboard was used in the test, although it may be Intel 600, 700, or AMD 600 series boards.

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