If you don't like yours, here are eight films you should watch on Fathers Day

If you don't like yours, here are eight films you should watch on Fathers Day ...

Our parents are our first and most important amigoour, and the guy who smiles when you hand him the paper you made at school for Father's Day, that may eventually be stored on a shelf until pride invades.

In life, you will likely disagree with a father, but this is a given, sometimes more often.


The most well-paid actors in Hollywood

We have already reviewed the film library to highlight a few films, even those with less bad luck, to see with the "old man", even if we're sulking.

On Father's Day, we discuss eight films to watch with our father, and we get along extremely well with him.

The films we will be discussing are film noir.

The Road to Perdition

One of father's unwritten vows to his son is to keep innocence in the child's eye as long as humanly possible.

On the Road to Perdition, Sam Mendes' gangster jewel transports us back to Prohibition times, showing us what happens when this isn't possible.

Tom HanksPaul Newman, Jude Law, and Tyler Hoechlin This film noir masterpiece has the main cast of which is set to test a father's loyalty.

What is more important to a family than our children?

The Empire Strikes Back in Star Wars: Episode V

This is a very personal recommendation, and it isn't just for having one of the most memorable scenes in movie history.

The Empire Strikes Back in Star Wars Episode V sets the stage for a tragic tale about Anakin Skywalker, although it would take a few years to appreciate it.

If we combine this with Return of the Jedi, we get a tremendously powerful redemption arc. If you and your first pal are in jeopardy, it's beneficial to "save" each other.

A dream come true in this vast expanse of possibilities.

Sport has been, alongside cinema, a long-standing thread that has connected parents and children for generations.

The traditional picture of going out with the kids to "throw some balls" has been sold a thousand times by Hollywood: that classic moment with the glove and the baseball.

Field of dreams is one of those films that leverages sports to connect one father to many others, thanks to a baseball field he constructs in a cornfield.

Kevin Costner is a gift from God. In Man of Steel, he was the "father" of Clark Kent. A guy capable of raising Superman, he deserves our respects.

If you can, catch me.

In Catch Me If You Can, Steven Spielberg got it right.

Christopher Walken plays Leonardo DiCaprio's father in the 2002 film.

But this sweetheart taught his kid all the tricks that led him on the path that would eventually land him in jail, waiting for another movie dad, Tom Hanks, to rescue him.

A place to imagine

A place to dream is a story about a widowed father's effort to transform his life together with his children, although the English countryside is now in use in California's green belt.

Cameron Crowe, directed by Matt Damon, depicts a young widower traveling to the United States to buy a decaying zoo.

Benjamin He hopes to grow the business and make it profitable while respecting the animals that live in it.

The Godfather is a well-known author.

Don't incite a deranged person to release two gangster films on the list for Father's Day.

The Godfather is a must see film that focuses heavily on one's own blood line within the Mafia crime family.

The struggle for don Vito Corleone's replacement is at the core of Francis Ford Coppola's film.

Occasionally, the family business isn't as glamorous as it was when our father was in charge.

Captain Hook, please accept my apologies.

Captain Hook is a movie about a man who lays his life on the line; he is the one who takes us to sleep at all hours, with our father or our kid.

Robin Williams plays a very grown up Peter Pan who has come to forget who he is. Even the kidnapping of his children does not make him feel better.

But the care he professes for the little ones will take him back to Neverland, where he will reconnect with his past. bangarang!

The last crusade against Indiana Jones

Your father may always be there to remind you that he is always one step ahead of you if you decide to continue the family business.

Sean Connery played Henry Jones in the famous Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, where the good old Harrison Ford discovered that, like father, he can also be a son.

This is what many of us have with our parents, beyond the essential tandem they forged in the film: a complicated relationship, let's not deny it.

If we are close to our "old man," it's a great time to put the hatchet to rest. Have a good movie and let him pay for the popcorn.

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