Atlus unveiled new persona, remakes, and spin-offs

Atlus unveiled new persona, remakes, and spin-offs ...

Atlus is developing additional projects related to the Persona franchise. In an interview, the Producer of the series, Kazuhisa Wada, reveals the intention to broaden the audience for the series, in order to replicate the huge success of the Remastered Persona 3, 4 and 5.

"We are considering different strategies to bring the Persona series to a wider audience," Wada said. The recent Remastered have exactly the aim of consolidating the series worldwidewithout necessarily relying on the phenomenal success of the fifth chapter, released in 2017 and then in 2020 in the Royal version.

The candidates are, in fact, many. The main candidates are the first two chapters of the franchise, which were released on PlayStation and PSP. Additionally, the expanded version of Persona 3 was added, while the Persona Q series is now available on Nintendo 3DS.

Persona 4: Arena, the fighting game developed by Arc System Works (the makers of Dragon Ball FighterZ), might be a good fit, as it would provide more life to the game and the franchise. Dancing could also be found on PlayStation 4.

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