Crucial Sale: This 2TB SSD, which is easily accessible, is over half the price!

Crucial Sale: This 2TB SSD, which is easily accessible, is over half the price! ...

Promo Crucial: A 2 TB portable SSD at a half-price is a news good deal!

Published on 03/18/2023 at 20:05

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Need a little extra storage? The Crucial X8 2TB Portable SSD will keep you busy for a long time. It can be used for your photos and videos as well as for your PlayStation and Xbox games! Right now, it's on sale at Amazon.

You'll inevitably need a little more storage on your PC, tablet, or smartphone. With the Crucial X8, you'll have a portable SSD that is versatile and capable of accommodating a wide range of devices. Enough to store all your important photos, videos, and documents without clogging up the storage already present in your devices.

With 2TB, you'll have peace of mind for a while. This Crucal X8 is on sale right now on Amazon. It's up by 46%.

If you prefer less storage, a 1TB version is also available for €83.39.

Amazon has a 2TB X8 for €139.99.

Crucial X8: 2TB of portable storage available via USB-C

Crucial has ensured that the X8 can connect to a large number of devices, from Windows PCs to Macs, iPad Pros, Chromebooks, Android smartphones, but also with Linux, your consoles like the PS5 and Xbox Series, and many more.

There is no limit on this point!

Crucial split the work into half and created a solid aluminum shell that is resistant to extreme temperatures, shocks, and vibrations, and therefore suitable for electric automobiles, such as the Tesla.

The SSD itself is quite decent. Created by one of the world's leading flash storage manufacturers, Micron, this SSD has a fantastic maximum speed of 1050 MB/s, making it ideal for storage PC, Xbox, and PlayStation games!

It is not permitted to launch PS5 games that must be launched using an internal NVMe SSD, but it will work for all your PS4 games that are backward compatible on the Sony console.

Amazon has an excellent deal for the 2TB X8.

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