Future 2 Gamers are gathering inside the Tower to pay tribute to Lance Reddick

Future 2 Gamers are gathering inside the Tower to pay tribute to Lance Reddick ...

Future 2 gamers have gathered en masse on the Tower in tribute to Lance Reddick, who died yesterday at the age of 60.

Guardians began flocking to Commander Zavala, whom Reddick famously referred to, to pay their respects. Information traveled rapidly within the Future group because Reddick was not only an avid supporter of Future, but would often interact with gamers on social media as Commander Zavala.

On many occasions, Guardians sat stoically in a circle around Zavala, implying his character's larger-than-life presence, or sat among their fellow Guardians during an impromptu candlelight vigil.

The publish honoring Reddick quickly rose to be the second hottest publish throughout all of Reddit, with loads of group members and former Bungie builders reminiscing about Zavala or Reddick himself.

Reddick's passing has struck near the homes of the Guardians, who have spent the previous nine years alongside him in the game. On Twitter, almost everyone within the Future group was posting screenshots of the Tower or videos showcasing all of the Guardians who had gathered to pay their respect to Zavala.

Bungie made an official statement following the revelation that "Lance Reddick was an iconic figure on display screen, in Future, and most significantly, in individual." This was demonstrated by Commander Zavala's unwavering dedication to his craft, as well as by the warm hospitality that surrounded him. Rest in peace, Lance.

"Eyes up, Guardian," says Commander Zavala.

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