Recap and Conclusion of "The Angel Next Door" for "Rotten"

Recap and Conclusion of "The Angel Next Door" for "Rotten" ...

The tenth episode of 'The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten,' which is titled 'The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten,' Amane does very well and gives him his head to Mahiru as she cleans his ears. The following day at school, Amane gets irritated after accidentally overhears something.

Recap of The Angel Next Door on Rotten Episode 11

Amane and Mahiru have been waiting for the grade rankings to be released for several days. Mahiru has promised to do whatever she asks her to do. On Thursday, Amane opens up about his desire to do something for Mahiru, since she has also passed well in the exams.

Mahiru takes Amane's head off her lap before gently washing his ears, thanking him for his diligence and love. After cleaning Amane's ears, Mahiru brushes his head, letting him rest on the couch. During his sleep, she suddenly opens her eyes.

Amane asks him to lie beside her, although he believes it is a good idea, and she gives her her stuffed toys so she may sleep. The following morning when she meets Amane, she apologizes and says that she does not think of him in that way.

Why Does Amane Get Mad At His Classmates?Is It Because I Succeeded at The Angel Next Door?

Kadowaki invites Amane to come visit him and watch the movie she has been planning to see. Mahiru, however, stops him and asks for help. The students have requested that she make personal observations about Mahiru's character. Naturally, none of them likes what they hear, but they remain mute.

Mahiru notices that Amane is upset and asks him if he was irritated by the kinds of remarks that these girls made. She argues that those girls do not necessarily hate her, but she does recognize her own social status as a result of her hard work and her appearance.

Mahiru explains why she works hard to be a good girl who is appreciated by everyone. However, she also explains that recently, she has become dissatisfied with such a lifestyle and begun making significant changes. In fact, Mahiru is no longer planning to stress too much to be liked by others.

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