Recap of Professor Choi from Season 1 of Divorce Attorney Shin?

Recap of Professor Choi from Season 1 of Divorce Attorney Shin? ...

We recap the fifth season of the Netflix K-Drama series Divorce Attorney Shin, which contains spoilers.

Episode five of Divorce Attorney Shin was a bit muddled, yet it had its flaws as it developed; having Choi Jun (Han Eun-seong) encouraged to be a spy has the potential to produce entertaining results, and it's evident we're nearing a tipping point with Sung-han's (Cho Seung-woo) past resurfacing.

Recap of Season 1 episode 5 of Divorce Attorney Shin

Sung-han reluctantly accepts to hire the funny attorney in exchange for his piano video being removed from the internet. Following this, Lee Seo-jin is appointed as "intake coordinator," meaning she will attend consultations and learn the trade as she goes.

Next, we meet a strange situation: A couple has approached Sung-han to verify that they're having an affair, thus allowing the cancer-stricken husband (Professor Choi) to divorce his currently stubborn wife.

Given the circumstances, the adulterous couple are warned that a "favorable" outcome is unlikely, but they want this lawsuit to be pushed through. After all, the two want Professor Choi to be able to remarry, then his new wife (Kim Ji-suk) donate her liver to keep him alive (something his previous partner, who is shown to be quite irritable, is unwilling to do."

Sung-han's mood significantly improves when Gi-yeong comes to visit, although things start to get off when the youngster is said to be collected at 9 pm rather than in the morning.

Despite the fact that the family enjoys themselves, Gi-yeong's paternal grandmother is fliering into Korea, the boy's departure is largely justified. Sung-han, however, does not approve of this news.

Seo-jin, a former DJ who has to be taught not to give out "over-the-top" flower gifts, is astonished by her landlord's gift (to the point she passes it along to So-yeon), is irritated by being noticed in a position she is taking on out of necessity, and is unsure if Ji-suk's divorce case was more complex than Ji-suk's, since the prospective liver donor wanted Sung-han's services

Attorney Shin is available to offer some comfort by expressing his hope that Seo-jin will be able to return to her former self soon enough.

Sung-han remembers his late sister's wedding day and how "Madam" had told the bride-to-be that "kindness is a weakness" despite the occasion's joy. Yu-seok expresses his shock at how the rookie now works for Attorney Shin, the person he spied on and actually conspired against in his first prosecution.

The Keumhwa Law Firm's CEO wants to be admonished that he often "tailors people to his liking," implying that his former apprentice's departure is far from sealed.

Hyeong-geun gets to talk to a worried Choi Jun over coffee while he avoids texting his wife. This is especially relevant when it comes to Yu-seok's kidnapping plan.

Hyeong-geun discusses Sung-han's views concerning Keumhwa with Choi Jun to aid the new employee understand the nature of the situation (in addition to why Attorney Shin appears uneasy around the newbie), but all the viewer gets to see is the involvement of the piano.

Choi Jun decides to apologize to Sung-han, explaining everything Yu-seok wanted him to do and why he committed certain illegal acts as a "powerless intern." Attorney Shin is wary of his new employee, and encourages him to continue to spy on Keumhwa's money until the end.

This alteration is a shocker, as Ji-eun, the expecting couple, is in need of medical attention due to a stomach issue. Fortunately, So-yeon is available to assist with driving services, so Hyeong-geun's wife may be taken to the hospital without an ambulance.

Yet all of this hype satisfies the restauranteur, who seizes the moment to inquire why the paralegal consumes daily wine and ramyeon when his wife is pregnant.

Ji-eun's new partner hears everything is okay with her and her baby upon his arrival in the hospital, leaving him both grateful and apologetic toward Hyeong-geun's now-departed partner.

He's obviously deflated, unable to be comforted by Sung-han and Jeong-sik that night, until the latter takes a candid photo of him staring out the window. That, unsurprisingly, gives Hyeong-geun the edge of his inability to get a photo taken.

"Madam" arrives in Korea, wishing Gi-yeong would follow her to Hawaii if given the chance.

Ce qui is clear is that this person isn't too fond of Ms. Jin, as she identifies her as "vicious" when informed that she doesn't allow Sung-han to see his nephew every month.

Season 1 Episode 5 of Divorce Attorney Shin is explained.

Choi Min-su, Attorney Shin's prospective new client, visits his office privately. The 16-year-old expresses his gratitude for his father's willingness to assist with the liver transplant; he's also willing to put his own name in the hat as a potential donor should his parents stop "sending" him abroad.

Min-su wants Sung-han's legal counsel, even if the attorney isn't sure what to do.

Attorney Shin decides to take Professor Choi's case after some thought and some subtle encouragement from a slightly more settled Seo-jin.

Attorney Shin tells his new client that they must "win at all costs." This first requires Choi to cancel his cancer insurance and realize that he may end up with a criminal record. "This is literally a do-or-die situation."

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