A Black Lotus was sold for an incredible high price in Magic: The Gathering

A Black Lotus was sold for an incredible high price in Magic: The Gathering ...

The Black Lotus remains one of Magic: The Gathering's most valuable cards, which acquires value over time, and sells for absurd prices, as demonstrated by a recent one Record sale for $540,000.

In all respects, this card holds a record in terms of sales, at least in terms of sales actually recorded in an official manner, but it might also demonstrate that the market for these cards has stabilized somewhat.

The sale of this Black Lotus, although a record, would in fact demonstrate a sort of curvature, since another similar card was sold two years ago for $510,000, or about the same amount.

There was certainly an increase, but it wasn't as rapid as one might have expected until a few years ago.

Alpha da record for Un Black Lotus

Magic cards' value increased dramatically between 2019 and 2021, mainly because to the sudden relaunch of the game.

The Black Lotus is a variable value that is dependent on the card on sale, therefore it is difficult to reach the high mark values discussed here. First published in the Alpha version in 1993, it has always been one of the rarest cards in Magic: The Gathering, but also one of the most powerful and powerful.

“This record sale underscores the notion that an Alpha Black Lotus is a top-notch investment opportunity, and it illustrates how vital Magic: The Gathering is to gaming and trading card culture,” said Jesse Craig, the PWCC Specialty Marketplace's VP of Sales.

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