DC's boss responds to fan claims that he had placed his wife on any DC project

DC's boss responds to fan claims that he had placed his wife on any DC project ...

The departure of James Gunn from DC has caused quite a stir, as many actors, including Henry Cavill, have left the company. It's even worse for other famous actors to refuse to work with the CEO. Also about the new Aquaman 2, the situation appears to be bleak.

In response to the serious allegation, James Gunn responds that way.

James Gunn, DC, said publicly on Twitter that he would take his wife on "every DC project." The CEO's response followed promptly. "I had nothing to do with casting any of the other films," he says of the only one. "Every other film I've ever cast my wife in was "TheSuicideSquad."

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Jennifer Holland, James Gunn's wife, played ARGUS agent Emilia Harcourt, not only in The Suicide Squad, but also flickered in Peacemaker and Black Adam across the canvas. In addition, it is also speculated that she will reprise her role in the next Shazam film.

What is the source of the accusation?

So how does an obviously enraged fan come up with this accusation? Gunn has mostly re-signed actors with whom he has collaborated on joint projects like The Suicide Squad or Peacemaker. At the same time, he simply ejected fan favorites like Henry Cavill and Dwayne Johnson. However, whether that justifies such a serious charge of nepotism remains to be seen.

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