You Must See These 8 Swarm Shows

You Must See These 8 Swarm Shows ...

'Swarm,' a Prime Video video, unravels Dre's toxic obsession as a fan who is obsessed with a pop star. Dre goes to every lengths and bounds to silence anyone who despises her idol, and in the process, she becomes a mass murderer.

The enthralling crime thriller show is a commentary on today's celebrity-obsessed culture and provides a complete picture of what an extreme case might be like. We've compiled a list of programs that will assist you in reliving the experience. Like 'Swarm,' you can watch most of these shows on Netflix, Prime Video, and Hulu!

Deadly Women (2005) is a collection of short stories written by Mark Rothstein.

'Deadly Women' is a true crime docuseries hosted by Candice DeLong, an FBI criminal profiler who is well-known for going against the norm and portraying a woman as a serial murderer.

7.Stalker (2014–2015)

'Stalker' is a police procedural drama series created by Kevin Williamson. He is a new addition to the LAPD Threat Assessment Unit, where he can draw on his previous experiences to guide a young team. The series depicts how a stalker who is obsessed with someone works and their illusions.

The Following (2013–2015):

A former FBI agent Ryan Hardy has been summoned because a serial murderer manages to escape prison. He now wants to be vengeance. He starts a cult of serial murderers who follow his orders and turn Ryan's life into a living nightmare. One of Joe's main motivations is to mentally and emotionally deprive the officer who imprisoned him, and he does so by killing innocent victims.

'The Following' is a psychological thriller series created by Kevin Williamson, which is featured in 'Swarm,' where people are easily influenced by someone they admire and are willing to follow their footsteps, no matter how immoral their choices may be.

Hannibal (2013-2015)

Will Graham is a highly skilled investigator who assists the FBI in solving serial crimes. He has the ability to put himself in the position of the killer, track down their next moves, and investigate the motives for their deaths. He is sent to the psychiatrist Dr. Hannibal Lecter, who has been referred to as The Chesapeake Ripper.

'Hannibal' is a psychological thriller series inspired by Thomas Harris' 'Red Dragon,' a novel. The program is developed by Bryan Fuller and serves as a prequel to the book.

Bates Motel (2013-2017)

'Bates Motel' is a contemporary adaptation of Robert Bloch's 'Psycho,' a psychological drama series that was later adapted for Alfred Hitchcock's eponymous classic film. It reveals an uncanny connection between Norma and Norman Bates' mother and son couple.

Norman is willing to sacrifice or harm anyone for his mother, even if it means killing or harming someone. As the story unravels, it becomes clear that the once young and innocent Norman is far from what he appears, and the cause of his deteriorating mental state lies in his mother's past.

Dirty John (2018-)

'Dirty John' is based on Christopher Goffard's eponymous podcast, where each season deals with a different topic. It chronicles the lives of people who are deeply disturbed and find themselves in a tense mess after their extensive love and obsession toward someone went southward. It corresponds to 'Swarm,' because it depicts how crossing the line in any relationship can be disastrous for several people.

Fanático (2022-)

Quimera, a Spanish music icon, is tragically killed. The young fan exploits the opportunity to escape his solitary existence and become an overnight sensation. Lázaro disguises Quimera's identity and tries to enthuse everyone with his supernatural portrayal of the pop sensation.

'Fanático' is a Spanish drama series created by Yago de Torres, Federico Maniá Sibona, and Dani del guila. This program also highlights commoners' admiration for celebrities and their world of opulence while also highlighting the disadvantages of placing them on a pedestal.

1.You (2018-)

Joe Goldberg, an obsessive stalker turned serial murderer who lives in denial, but not enough to stop his wrongdoings. He follows a pattern where he first falls for a woman, then kills anyone who might be a danger to her or their relationship. He stalks his lover, his friends, and anybody who has to.

Joe's humorous monologues and the thought trail that he follows precede his obsesses or killing anyone. He's willing to put anyone in harm's way if they cause trouble for him.

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