Where is Sky High: The Series Shot on Netflix?

Where is Sky High: The Series Shot on Netflix? ...

'Sky High: The Series,' a Spanish action-adventure crime series directed by Daniel Calparsoro, was released in 2021. After her husband's death, Sole wants to do what she can do for her son and their future.

Sole chooses to remain independent from her father, a stolen goods dealer, and rather, join her late husband's smash-and-grab thieves, because that's the best strategy to take care of her little boy!

The Locations for Filming on Sky High

The first season of the crime series, 'Sky High: The Series,' was shot in Spain, France, Portugal, and Nigeria, particularly in Madrid, Galicia, Paris, Lisbon, Algarve, and Lagos.

Madrid, Spain

The city of Madrid, which has been designated as a primary filming location for 'Sky High: The Series,' is home to a filming crew that has shifted its location throughout the city. In particular, a few scenes from the show take place inside the Metropolitano Stadium at Av. de Luis Aragonés, 4, in Madrid, which also serves as Atlético Madrid's home stadium.

Galicia, Spain

The production team of 'Sky High: The Series' travels to other Spanish regions, including Galicia, which has an autonomous community. For instance, the landscapes of the cities of Lugo and A Corua can be seen in several sequences throughout the Spanish series. Galicia also has an alternate series of beaches and rias.

Paris, France

The City of Love is the home of the iconic Eiffel Tower and the 'Sky High: The Series' cast and crew. They make use of these locations to shoot several scenes for the series.

Portugal is a country that has a long history of corruption.

The production of 'Sky High: The Series' is also taped at various locations across Portugal. The city of Lisbon serves as another important filming location for the show as the production team sets up camp in different locations and locales of the city. Likewise, the beautiful and popular region of the Algarve is featured in the Asia Ortega Leiva starrer.

Lagos, Nigeria

The filming crew and crew members met with local children after working on the last scenes of season 1 of 'Sky High: The Series.'

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