Carnival Row visitors have mixed reactions as the love triangle takes a justified turn in Season 2

Carnival Row visitors have mixed reactions as the love triangle takes a justified turn in Season 2 ...

Do Vignette and Tourmaline join forces in the Carnival Row season 2 finale, or does she rejoin Philo in the end?

Fans of Carnival Row were introduced to star-crossed lovers from opposite ends of the Row; a Burgish soldier became a detective while a Pix refugee became a revolutionary.

Tourmaline rekindled her earlier romance with Vignette following the catastrophic consequences of Philo's 'betrayal.'

Did Vignette rekindle her friendship with Tourmaline during the second season of Carnival Row, or did she rekindle her friendship with Philo?

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Do Tourmaline and Vignette recover from the Sparas assault?

Yes, both Tourmaline and Vignette survived the Sparas attack, despite their impending scares. Both Darius and Philo assisted in the rescue.

It appeared that Tourmaline would have her wish of being killed by the creature fulfilled. The Marrok would be able to return to the shop to fight the Sparas in the nick of time.

After Darius was defeated, it appeared as if the Sparas would kill Tourmaline once more before Vignette arrived to distract the monster, although she was easily dismissed without much effort.

In the span of just a few seconds, it appeared that the Sparas would finally put an end to the two Pix, only for Philo to arrive (also in the nick of time) to kill the creature.

Tourmaline leaves the battlefield unscathed, but Vignette sustains a serious facial injury from the Sparas throw; however, all is well that it all comes to an end, and the pair both expect to see another sunrise.

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In the S2 finale, do Tourmaline and Vignette collide?

As the timeskip takes us back to when the Pix return to Tirnanoc, we only see Vignette and Tourmaline once more in Carnival Row season 2.

Vignette and Tourmaline stand on a beautiful cliffside, cutting off their braids, before wrapping each other's slashed hair around their hands.

The pair then slowly rise up towards the setting sun and kiss, bringing their relationship full circle from lovers to friends, and then from friends to lovers.

While some fans may have preferred to see Philo and Vignette merge since they were Season 1's main love interest, the fact that our female lead ends up with Tourmaline is without doubt a better conclusion to each of their respective narratives.

It was always their intention to return to Tirnanoc and resurrect their war-torn colony; now that we have seen the two get together, our only wish is that we saw more of them as a duo throughout the earlier parts of the Carnival Row story.

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