An infamous true crime tale that fails to punch the punches is reviewed by the Boston Strangler

An infamous true crime tale that fails to punch the punches is reviewed by the Boston Strangler ...

The Hulu film Boston Strangler, directed by Matt Ruskin, was reviewed in 2023, which does not contain spoilers.

In 1962, a monstrous serial killer was caught on the loose in the Boston area, killing women inside their homes in broad daylight. It is amazing to learn that the victims were targeted where they should be the safest. Also, the evil perpetrator was known to be a handyman to gain entry to their houses.

What many people may not know about the real-life case is the hero's story, which he was convinced, after seeing a string of murders that took place in the same place in a short period, that the victims shared the same killer.

Review and plot summary of Boston Strangler

Loretta McLaughlin (Keira Knightley), a journalist who works for The Record American in Boston, wants to take on a challenge that will allow her to fulfill her potential.

Loretta convinces Jack MacLaine (Chris Cooper) to allow her to report on the incidents after seeing three stories in the local paper that women were brutally murdered in their apartments over two weeks.

Loretta encounters a few obstacles during her research. She is not only found to be incorrect, but she is also accused of flirting with an officer on the case in order to obtain information about a victim of the investigation. From there on, the dynamic duo works alongside one another to unravel the mystery of the notorious Boston Strangler.

The reporter's breakthrough is made even more compelling by Ruskin's portrayal of the Boston Strangler's crimes and their inclusion on the big screen.

Loretta's home life and her struggle to maintain a work-life balance begin to develop, which causes friction in her marriage and reduces the time she spends with her kids. This is a common scenario for many women who struggle to reconcile the two. Still, she isn't ready to give up her job.

Despite my appreciation for the film honoring Loretta and Jean, it remained ludicrous as a viewer. Perhaps this is due to the stylistic approach and visual storytelling techniques used to set the mood and mystery, all of which felt like a carbon copy of 2007's Zodiac. A few scenes in Boston Strangler were so similar to Fincher's masterpiece that it took me out of the story completely.

The film does have an impressive cast and all-around decent performances, particularly David Dastmalchian's performance as Albert DeSalvo, who has perfected the play of every menacing figure thrown at him throughout his career. Knightley and Coon are both convincing as two powerful women who will not give up until they are found guilty of crimes and who are determined to uncover the truth.

During a film, there are spooky scenes that will leave the viewer reeling. In some scenes, the audience can only hear the killings, which is even worse than seeing the crimes unfold in real-time. Yet with all of the necessary factors, Boston Strangler remains underwhelming and fails to punch.

Is Boston Strangler a decent film?

Boston Strangler isn't as moving as other real-life stories based on serial killers, but it's worth a look if you like true crime movies. It details many surprises that I never knew beforehand, and once the film concludes, you'll fall into a similar trap.

What did you think of the Boston Strangler from Hulu in 2023? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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