The Most Recent Facebook Glitch Shows Your Info About Someone Elses Profile

The Most Recent Facebook Glitch Shows Your Info About Someone Elses Profile ...

A new Facebook bug has been reported that displays your own social media handles on other people's pages or profiles. After further investigation, it was determined that it was a bug with the app.

When you open different profiles and pages, many people who use the social media app are concerned about the privacy of their personal information.

The issue has several aspects, all of which are important to know. The information that you see on someone else's profile is only visible to you and is different for other users, thus eliminating the privacy concerns users had.

Zubyan, a member of our team, discovered his handles on a different profile. Not only his handles, but also his entire bio were visible on the profile.

When launching the same profile, another team member, Kamran's Skype and Instagram, appeared. Don't mind the blurry image.

The invariability of the issue

I could only get my Instagram link to appear on random profiles that were opened, since this is where the problem is most noticeable, making it difficult to read their original content.

The issue on the Desktop Website was smaller and could only be rectified once after dozens of attempts.

The issue is random and there is no known pattern attached to it. It only affects certain profiles, and if you open the app and notice the issue, it will disappear when you reopen it later.

Facebook has yet to respond to the issue. At the moment, it isn't that big of a deal, although it can become a high-priority situation that might expose your personal information to someone else.

This is a developing topic and we will ensure that you are kept informed. In the meantime, if you have the same issue you may contact Facebook. Also, make sure your personal information is safe.

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