Starting from $42, a professional ChatGPT plan is in the works, with many additional benefits

Starting from $42, a professional ChatGPT plan is in the works, with many additional benefits ...

Despite ChatGPT's long-term online success, there may be a price to pay. On Saturday, several customers turned to social media after discovering a new "Upgrade plan" option on the ChatGPT web interface, which when clicked brought up a window with two options.

The Free Plan allows you to continue using ChatGPT in the same way as before, but a new Professional Plan allows you to enhance the AI chatbot's functionality with less erratic availability, faster reaction times, and "priority access to new features." If it has been pushed out to you, the new upgrade option may be found on the left slide menu.

On OpenAI's Discord channel, a waitlist for a Professional tier with the aforementioned benefits was revealed earlier this month. The Professional Plan is priced at $42 per month, so there is no complicated one-time payment required.

ChatGPT, built on LLM, has gained enormous popularity since it was launched in November of last year. It is used for various tasks such as elaborating complex concepts, writing code, and other activities.

ChatGPT is using artificial intelligence to explain its functions.

ChatGPT has also entered the commercial space, with Microsoft investing $10 billion. According to the Information, Microsoft is currently working to expand its OpenAI GPT language automation capabilities in Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

ChatGPT has also been a source of criticism and concerns for analysts as well as tech giants like Google. According to the New York Times, the recent release of OpenAI's chatbot ChatGPT has sparked security fears for Google. Former employees at Google are believed to be concerned that the company's reputation might be harmed.

Some people refer to OpenAI's GPT models as a "technological advancement," while others argue that it is the root of their unemployment. It'll be interesting to see how artificial intelligence improves the future.

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