The RTX 4090 GPU that was canceled might have been the Hero NVIDIA GPU

The RTX 4090 GPU that was canceled might have been the Hero NVIDIA GPU ...

JayzTwoCents demonstrated what would have been EVGA's RTX 4090 FTW3 graphics card with an early prototype that the company sent to him. The card's existence perfectly illustrates how rash EVGA's decision to exit the GPU market was.

Jay said he was shown a prototype of EVGA's decision to exit the GPU market. The actual card is a very early prototype variant; the GeForce RTX 4090 badging has been changed with "Next Gen Graphics" to avoid licensing problems that might arise.

Gamers Nexus displayed clearly visible machining marks and other manufacturing inaccuracies. This card's GPU chipset was an NVIDIA qualification sample that is used in testing stages.


The FTW3 version has a substantially larger form factor and significantly greater fans than the RTX 3090 and 3090 Ti FTW3 versions. The silver accents on the top and bottom of the shroud change the card's appearance greatly.

Jay found it incredible to see the card's structural integrity, since the rear I/O backplate was directly attached to the GPU shroud in order to avoid GPU drooping. By placing the GPU in a case, Jay observed that there was no sagging.


The last design feature to be discussed is the 16-pin power connection, which is located in the card's back and requires the power cord to be placed there rather than at the front. The wires would supposedly bend less due to the location, which would have alleviated the concern of the cables burning.

Surprisingly, Jay demonstrated how to run Unigine Heaven on a machine using the card. According to Jay, the card is reportedly using a "home made" vBIOS since it is a very early prototype card. Due to this, the card's ability to overclock its GPU core is limited.

Although EVGA will no longer be producing GPUs, at least this card gives us an additional opportunity to see what EVGA was doing until the company's death.

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