Qualcomm Snapdragon Phones Get Cutting-Edge LPDDR5X RAM from Samsung

Qualcomm Snapdragon Phones Get Cutting-Edge LPDDR5X RAM from Samsung ...

Samsung has issued a formal announcement for its LPDDR5X RAM, which takes the place of the previous LPDDR5 standard. The Korean giant claims that its next-generation memory chips provide the finest bandwidth available.

Samsung Electronics

Samsung Electronics will mass produce the most recent LPDDR5X RAM chips, which will provide unparalleled bandwidth for a variety of applications, including mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. SangJoon Hwang, Senior Vice President and Head of the DRAM Design Team at Samsung Electronics, says these applications will also be expanded to servers and cars.

Samsung claims that its latest LPDDR5X RAM has an 85.4 Gbps data processing speed, which is 1.3 times faster than the LPDDR5 it replaces. The most recent memory will be 20% more power-efficient than the LPDDR5 standard thanks to the new 14nm manufacturing technology.

Because these 16GB LPDDR5X RAM chips are capable of supporting 64GB of memory, high-performance notebooks may benefit from it. It is unknown if the MacBook Pro models from 2022 will have the same memory.

Samsung and Qualcomm had signed a deal requiring that all future Galaxy smartphones and tablets use Snapdragon chipsets. The Galaxy S23 series will be equipped with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, which means that the three versions may also include the latest LPDDR5X RAM.

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