With a caveat, you may finally edit your tweets

With a caveat, you may finally edit your tweets ...

After years of user requests, Twitter has finally implemented the edit tweet feature. To use the feature, which is currently being offered to all users in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, you must be a member of Twitter Blue.

This feature isn't available to anyone who haven't subscribed to Twitter Blue, and we're unsure whether or not it will ever be released to the general public.

You may modify your tweet to remove typos, change the hashtags, and other elements for any reason. There are limitations. Only the first 30 minutes after the tweet is published will you be permitted to modify it. Immediately following a tweet's update, visual symbols such as an icon, a timestamp, and a label will be added to it.

The functionality will only be available to Twitter Blue subscribers, and in case you aren't familiar with the term, this subscription essentially grants you access to premium features and bookmarks. You also get the ability to cancel tweets, and more.

Despite the fact that the features change, subscribers may currently access higher quality video uploads, NFT profile images, Edit Tweets, and the updated Spaces Tab.

This is the first public live rollout after Twitter announced in April that it would develop a tweet editing feature. He then admitted that it has been working on a tweet editing function for a while.

Twitter is also working on new notes that may be included in embedded tweets, and that will provide more information about its edit history.

Theoretically, you can continue to embed the original message indefinitely, but readers may click on it to see any changes that were made to it.

The use of the "edit tweet" feature on Twitter is a good move, given the amount of interest it entailed among users. However, its accessibility to the whole platform is still a mystery hence as soon as the issue develops we will keep you informed.

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