In a Ukraine-Russian conflict, an animator for the Metro Exodus died

In a Ukraine-Russian conflict, an animator for the Metro Exodus died ...

Andrii Korzinkin, an artist for the Metro Exodus, died as a result of wounds he received while serving in the military to protect his homeland of Ukraine. Like many other Ukrainian game developers, Korzinkin had decided to volunteer to fight the Russian invasion.

Leonid Stepanov, who had previously worked with him at 4A Games, Gunzilla Games, and, as of the previous month, Remedy Entertainment, was the first to learn about the news.

Korzinkin worked at the 4A Games studio, which develops video games based on Dmitry Guchowski's metro setting. He was responsible for creating the video game character animations. It was his pleasure that he created the 2019 video game Metro Exodus.

"Nizrok" is a name given to not all video game designers who joined the Ukrainian army in fighting off the invaders' invasions. Also, the founders and staff of GSC Game World and Alexander Kokhanovsky, the owner of the Kiev-based esports organization Natus Vincere, fought against the Russian occupation (the studio responsible for the games from the STALKER series).

Denys Mishchenko, Metro Exodus's technical animator, said, "We've got to do this."

The loss of Korzinkin, a well-known and accomplished video game designer, is unquestionably a significant setback to the video game industry as a whole. We continue to believe that this conflict will come to an end soon.

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