A new wizard class is added to Black Desert Mobile

A new wizard class is added to Black Desert Mobile ...

Pearl Abyss, the creator of the popular video game Black Desert Mobile, has announced that a new wizard class, Ignius, will soon be released in the virtual world.

The authors of the article said that this class of wizard is able to wield powerful magic spells over a large area thanks to the Fire Keeper Marg and the Water Keeper Anya. The hero is also capable of performing exceptionally powerful magic spells that break through the enemy's defense and inflict immense damage on opponents.

This class has been demonstrated by the developers to be extremely powerful in large-scale battles, while in one-on-one battles, this character will not have such noticeable success. Accordingly, gamers who prefer to fight with friends, who understand how to create favorable conditions for battle, and who can deal effectively with difficult situations will appreciate the benefits of the new class.

This will have an influence on the battlefield's balance, as now opponent gamers will have to take into account that a very dangerous adversary is fighting against them and that its attack capabilities must be taken into account.

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