The idea for removing Huawei equipment has been described as "Armageddon" by Deutsche Telekom. There is something to be ashamed of

The idea for removing Huawei equipment has been described as "Armageddon" by Deutsche Telekom. There ...

Deutsche Telekom, the largest German telecom company, has prepared an internal agreement for the replacement of all Huawei equipment in its networks. The agreement was reported by the German business newspaper "Handelsblat." If this happens, Germany will be set back many years in the quality and volume of available communications, and will also suffer significant losses.

While Deutsche Telekom and Huawei remained mute, rebutting the leaked information. The use of the term "Armageddon" in the title of the script is not planning, but foreshadowing, and this business approach is simply not serious.

Deutsche Telekom estimates that replacing all Huawei equipment in its networks would cost € 3 billion and take at least five years. This will also impact 4G communications, since equipment often changes in phases and is tied to one manufacturer, in this case Huawei.

The company cautions that the implementation of the worst-case scenario will set telecommunications in the past for many years, while in general the economy and development require the immediate and massive development of 5G networks. This is required for new intellectual services, services, production, and, in general, for the complete digitalization of society.

The problem is compounded by the fact that, despite accepted standards, it is practically impossible to replace the equipment of one manufacturer with the hardware of another. Each manufacturer uses certain "chips," for example, that require the consumer to take equipment only from him. Deutsche Telekom is already looking for partners to facilitate open standards for telecommunications and cellular communications.

Since 2020, Huawei equipment has been prohibited from being used by carriers in the United States. According to the Federal Communications Commission, U.S. carriers have filed for $5.6 billion in compensation for removing Chinese-made network equipment from their networks. Deutsche Telekom has gone even further, and it has virtually no time to build up.

The situation with Huawei in Germany has appeared to be far from being resolved. The regulator and relevant ministries vetoed their efforts to resolve the problem. More precisely, all suggestions were rejected at the lower levels of government. Now, according to unofficial sources, the fate of Huawei in Germany will be decided by the chancellor or parliament.

Christoph Bernstiel, CDU's home affairs leader, has warned that the government will have to clarify this crucial issue as soon as possible if time runs out.

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