For a limited time, Xiaomi's Bimby is almost 400 off

For a limited time, Xiaomi's Bimby is almost 400 off ...

Xiaomi released its first kitchen robot in Europe to enter international markets a few months ago. It's called the Xiaomi Smart Cooking Robot, and it's seen as the technological alternative to Thermomix.

This multifunctional kitchen robot costs 1199 €, but it is now available at PcComponentes for almost €400 off.

Xiaomi Smart Cooking Robot por 822,94 € na PcComponentes

The Xiaomi Smart Cooking Robot is on sale at this online store for just 822,94 €, which includes taxes, and the shipment is made from Spain, which arrives between two and three days.

More information on Xiaomi Smart Cooking Robot pricing and shipping

This Xiaomi Smart Cooking Robot's switch reluctance motor can be adjusted from 40 rpm to 12,000 rpm, for sautéing or grinding. It also intelligently calculates the ready temperature, time, and cooking speed for greater precision.

There are over 200 built-in recipes from chefs, and you can see the whole process clearly. Due to the 8-inch color screen, you have direct access to recipes and their steps.

It is extremely precise in grammetering, allowing you to cook three dishes at the same time without having to look at the scale with the naked eye. It heats by 3D induction at 180°C, while avoiding fumes in your kitchen.

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