What Has Happened to Michael Howell? Crystal Brooke Howell: Where is she now?

What Has Happened to Michael Howell? Crystal Brooke Howell: Where is she now? ...

'Deadly Sins: No Forgiveness: Model Behavior,' a film by Investigation Discovery, chronicles the brutal murder of Michael Howell at his cabin in Maggie Valley, North Carolina, in February 2014. His body was accidentally discovered a month later, although the authorities were able to catch the culprit very soon, so get started now.

What Caused Michael Howell's Death?

Michael Joseph Howell was born to the late Larry Howell and Margaret Ann Hans Clifford in the 1950s. He attended the University of Georgia's Grady College of Journalism, where he graduated. He was a former sports editor for the Columbia County News-Times before moving to a quiet Montana ranch in Maggie Valley, North Carolina.

Michael was particularly interested in golf and hiking, as well as making smoking pipes and looking for arrowheads. On March 22, 2014, Michael's body, covered with a sleeping bag, was discovered inside his own house shed.

According to reports, one of them, Anthony Talley, saw Michael's disintegrated body and searched inside, claiming, "I'll never see anything like that again in my life." According to his autopsy report, he had been shot from close range with a shotgun. He died on February 24.

Michael Howell was killed by who?

Michael and his former wife, Kristina Rester, lived a married life for more than a decade before the former discovered that his younger daughter, Sierra, was not his biological daughter. It was a total betrayal for him, and the couple split in May 2008. Crystal's episode described how the divorce triggered an unusual behavior for her.

Crystal plotted to commit suicide within a year of her divorce, according to a program, and was sent to live with her father, Michael. She told a friend how Crystal continued to violate regulations and push the envelope with her father, even though he cared for her and tried to fulfill all her wishes. She began sneaking out of her house, partying with older guys, and bunking school against her father's strict guidelines, according to Summer.

Crystal was caught red-handed shoplifting while the father-daughter duo was out shopping. He forced Crystal to return the stolen goods and apologize to the concerned authorities, causing her to be chastised the next time she was caught doing so. Crystal then decided to kill her father instead.

Michael was napping on the couch when his 17-year-old daughter shot him from point-blank range with the shotgun and destroyed the ejected shell. She concealed her father's body in a storage shed and sold the murder weapon to evade arrest. According to rumors, she used the money she acquired to pay for rave events in her house throughout the following month.

According to the program, Michael's ex-wife, Kristina, called her on March 19 and informed her that Michael had released his daughter from custody. She claims Crystal wanted to return to Augusta.

Kristina claimed that she required her daughter to demonstrate her loyalty before she would accept it. However, the teen showed up on March 22, driving Michael's orange Land Rover and hauling a U-Haul trailer filled with her belongings. It was the same day the guests discovered Michael's decomposed body in the storage shed and called the cops. Crystal was the prime suspect in her father's murder within weeks.

What Has Happened to Crystal Brooke Howell?

Brenda Ellis, Crystal Brooke Howell's aunt, claimed that her niece was mentally ill. "I can tell you that Crystal has had many difficulties, but they have been compounded by all that she has been through over the years," she said. "It is a heartbreaking tragedy, that's all."

Crystal Howell, then 20, admitted to first-degree murder and concealing a death or failing to disclose a death not from natural causes on October 10, 2016. She was sentenced to a minimum of 25 years in prison for the second charge, and she was ordered to serve a minimum of 30 years before she could apply for parole.

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