Fans are shrieking that Darius was deserving of a better future in the second season of Carnival Row

Fans are shrieking that Darius was deserving of a better future in the second season of Carnival Row ...

Carnival Row has come to an end with a dramatic comeback, but did Darius die fighting the Sparas in the season 2 finale?

After the last two episodes of the entire series were released on Amazon Prime Video on March 17, Carnival Row supporters are now wishing the Fae farewell.

The second season of the series ended up being significantly more brutal than many viewers expected, with the introduction of the nightmarish Sparas easily surpassing the Dark Asher as the most terrifying monster in the series to date.

Fans watched in horror as the Sparas fought Darius in the season finale, but did the Marrok survive the attack?

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Is Darius dead in the second season of Carnival Row?

After making a true hero's sacrifice to save Tourmaline, Darius unfortunately passes away in the Carnival Row season 2 finale.

When the Sparas visited the witch's shop, Darius had been planning to stay with Tourmaline; he sat down with a renewed interest in his eyes at the prospect of using the massive rifle in the finale.

Tourmaline wanted Darius to leave her alone, claiming that she would not be able to defeat two monsters at the same time if he were to become a Marrok, a harsh truth for the former Burgue soldier.

Darius returns to the action in the nick of time to blast the Sparas through the witches' shop window, just before the terrifying creature devoured fan favorites.

The Sparas re-enter the unconscious Marrok's body just moments before Vignette and Philo arrive to rescue the creature. Darius returns to his human form after the battle is over, with horrifying injuries to his back and torso.

Darius passes away with his oldest pal holding his hand: "You did it," Darius responds, "We did it," Philo adds. His eyes begin to tear up as Philo notes, "We are soldiers of the Burgue."

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After Darius' death, what happened to Philo?

Philo is walking through the mess on the Row when suddenly Constable Thatch emerges from the shadows to shoot him in the back.

As Sergeant Dombey completes his redemption journey by killing his mob-leader Constable, Philo falls into the mud of Carnival Row.

Fans would be forgiven for thinking that Philo's life was coming to an end, but one that was also poetic considering that it was a racist police officer who shot him.

After "Many moons," we observe a wounded Philo entering the parliament chambers; we are left to assume that the bullet struck his spinal cord, which is why he is forced to walk with a cane.

The delegates have selected him to be the next Chancellor, but he refuses the position because he doesn't want to be their excuse not to change.

Philo returns to the Row where the next chapter in his life will not be written once again; "I guess we'll have to find out," he says, as the credits roll for the first time.

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