The 15th anniversary of TPNET has come to an end

The 15th anniversary of TPNET has come to an end ...

The "pretty girl" from Total Publishing Network (TPNET), was published on May 22, 2008 by the digital publication MuyComputer (currently MC), which was founded by a group of entrepreneurs, friends, and colleagues from the IT industry and paper communication. They decided to take a risk with a very innovative idea for the time: bet everything online.

Our professional publications arrived a short time later: MuyComputerPro, better known today as MCPRO, is dedicated to large-scale business technology; MuyPymes, is intended for small and medium-sized businesses, and, last but not least, MuyCanal, which is designed to give space to technology partners.

The TPNET community began to form and establish itself in the technological media space. A space that, with effort, has successfully provided these 15 years of news of all kinds.

2008's iPhone, GPS, and technology

The advent of MySpace (the use of P2P networks to download files or the revolution of GPS were the main topics of interest in 2008, as well as a glimpse of the second generation of 3G networks.

Toshiba said no to its HDDVD format, beating Sony and Philips, among others, at the end of a battle in which both formats desired to be the winning standard.

In 2008, companies were somewhat more prepared to enter the Internet world after the dotcom crisis in the late 1990s. Many startups began to flourish at this time, despite the stock market and financial catastrophe that was ravaging the world at the time.

2008 was the year of the Nintendo DSi, the house portable console that had a camera, and also during this year the birth of GTA IV either Gears of War 2, or the Wii consoles, all in significantly inferior versions.

Cloud computing was also introduced in 2008. What we now consider to be a democratized reality, was once a very minor fact that began to manifest itself as the great trend that it is still.

And if 2008 was the beginning of something, it was one of the most significant technological advances that will follow in the years to come. And yet, we cannot forget that in that year there were still no services and key technology companies today. We talk, among others, about WhatsApp or slackwho were born in 2009, or instagram or pinterest which they did in 2010.

There is a long way to go and what remains to be done

At TPNET, we are celebrating 15 years in a row. However, we recognize this date as the start of the change, and our goal is to continue to celebrate our anniversary and to provide high-quality consumer and professional technology information to our audience.

At TPNET's full "adolescence," we are stronger than ever. We're aware of everything that has changed journalism, technology, and the world as a whole, but the effort has paid off. We have developed a community with more than 4 million visits, 150,000 registered professionals, and 407,000 followers on social networks.

A road we have taken to expand our business, while while conserving the same spirit with which TPNET was born: ingenuity, dedication, and creativity.

We have prepared a range of activities to commemorate TPNET's 15th anniversary in 2023. We want to maintain the spirit of this anniversary, but most importantly, demonstrate that in the technological area we are a leader not only in information but also in demand generation.

We ask you to keep an eye on our newsletters, in which we will update you on future developments on this occasion. Thank you for joining us, we would not have made it!

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